NutraBio Agmatine Sulfate

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  • ULTIMATE MUSCLE PUMPS – Agmatine is known as “Super Arginine” because of its ability to dramatically boost nitric oxide production, improve blood flow, nutrient delivery, and oxygen transport.
  • IMPROVE METABOLISM – Research has shown that agmatine plays an important role in metabolic function. Supplemented agmatine may activate the body’s natural fat burning mechanisms, and increase lean muscle mass.
  • IMPROVE STAMINA – Enhanced nitric oxide production has been shown to improve endurance in athletes. Agmatine take pre-workout is an effective way to do this. Agmatine works for both men and women.
  • SUPERIOR QUALITY – NutraBio uses only the best, and this product is no exception. Our Agmatine is gluten free, soy free, vegetarian, third-party tested, certified kosher, non-GMO, and made in the USA.
  • THIRD PARTY TESTED, FULL DISCLOSURE – Like all NutraBio products, our Agmatine is tested by an independent third party lab to ensure it is both pure and meets our strict quality standards. All NutraBio products feature fully transparent labels with no proprietary blends.