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  • REDUCE DEFICIENCIES, IMPROVE PERFORMANCE: Deficiencies in Zinc and Magnesium are common in athletes for a couple of reasons; one, with intense and frequent training, the demands on your reserves of these two elements increases dramatically and two, both of these critical elements have become scarcer in our modern diets. These reduced levels of zinc, magnesium or both can compromise athletic performance, reduce recovery, increase incidences of cramps and general fatigue. ZMX2 can be used by all a
  • HIGH ABORPTION RATES: Effective intestinal absorption of Zinc and Magnesium has been the number one challenge of supplement makers. This is why we knew that it was essential to create ZMX2 with ingredients that had the highest levels of absorption combined with the level of potency.
  • SUPERIOR B6: Vitamin B6 is an essential nutrient for the effective metabolism of zinc and has positive impacts on blood oxygenation levels and reduction of inflammation factors. Instead of using run-of-the-mill Vitamin B6, we’ve upgraded this formula to the biologically active form known as Pyridoxal-5-Phosphate, or just P5P. Using this more potent and active form means that your body can use it without having to convert it.
  • GREAT FOR THOSE WITH DIETARY RESTRICTIONS: Gluten-free and vegan friendly for everyone who seeks to build muscle.